Gazza 'saw beer can 网络当天赚钱灰色项目ghosts'

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“His excuses were the best, though. We asked why he was late: ‘There were ghosts! I was watching TV and saw beer can ghosts floating in front of me.&rsqu六合投注网站o; Things like that.”

“He’d inv在线外围投注ite journalists to the training ground by announcing a Press conference. He made his debut in Serie A and said: ‘I did my job.’

Roberto Rambaudi revealed some anecdotes from Paul Gascoigne’s time at Lazio. “He was late because he saw beer can ghosts.”

“A lovely lad, but he had that problem… At the end of a training session, he’d go to the bar and gulp down a giant beer. In Austria, we had pre-season training and in the pool there were kids who wanted a picture with him, but he’d push them under the water.

“He was over the top both on the pitch and off it. He did线上足球投注 some incredible things…” Rambaudi told

The former winger was with the Biancocelesti from 1994 to 1998, while Gazza wore their jersey from 1992 to 1995.